GALVAN ABOGADOS’ challenge is to provide personal professional, efficient and extensive services to domestic and international clients in maritime and air activities, airports, insurance markets, cargo operations, charterers, consignees, surveyors and all those directly or indirectly involved in sea trade or commercial and general aviation.

The areas covered by GALVAN ABOGADOS are growing. At the present time, the maritime, aviation, insurance and commercial fields are still the most representative. However, the firm has developed substantial experience in other legal fields.

Main target is to provide clients with a tailored personal & professional service approach to solving legal problems on clients’ behalf.

GALVAN ABOGADOS is aimed to offer a specialized legal team, trained in day-to-day practice and able to cover clients’ needs from at any time and in relation to any legal problem in order to face successfully legal issues arising in the maritime, aviation and transport fields.

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